About Alice



Hello! I have been teaching piano since 2006, when I started out with just one student who was the son of a family friend. My studio has steadily grown in number since then, and I have grown as a teacher. I am so fortunate to be able to merge both my love of teaching and my love of music into this very rewarding job.

I have had the pleasure of benefiting from music for a long time. As I was growing up, there were very few days that my dad didn’t have one classical album or another playing during family dinner time. I learned to recognize many famous musical works by sound!

I started piano lessons when I was five, with the music teacher at the local elementary school. I then studied with various piano instructors until I went to college, including world-renowned pianists Pei-Fen Liu from Taiwan, Dr. Tibor Szász from Hungary and Dr. Elena Letnanova from Bratislavia. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from such accomplished pianists. They helped me build a strong foundation in piano theory, as well as a respectable repertoire of classical piano music.

In addition to teaching a full schedule, I try to stay involved in the music world by serving as an accompanist. I have accompanied the local Children’s Theatre, at studio recitals for teachers of other instruments, and at the annual OMEA Solo & Ensemble events.