April: Romantic Era of Music

I told a young student the other evening that because we were studying the “Romantic Era” of music in April, we would need to be all huggy and lovey-dovey to each other all month long. He looked at me like I had suddenly grown a second head. I explained that I was kidding, because “Romantic Era” doesn’t really mean the same as “romantic” in the sense of expressing affection to others. I could see the relief spread over his face, although there was still some doubt as to whether I might still be kinda sorta for real about the hugging and the loving…  🙂

On a serious note, outside of the Classical Era, the Romantic Era (1820 – 1900) probably yielded the most composers with whom people are generally familiar. Even if folks can’t identify the composer who wrote a specific piece of music, the tune is at least something that sounds familiar. The Romantic Era also produced such prolific composers such as Chopin and Schubert. Music definitely began to evolve into something that was more for the enjoyment of others. Many forms of music that were seen as preludes to other larger works during the Classical Era became stand-alone works during the Romantic Era.

I have a April Romantic Era Overview document that describes what we are working on in April – each of you should have received that at your first lesson in April. Also, as with previous months, I have a Romantic Era playlist on YouTube that you should check out if you have a chance. A student remarked to me that there was a selection on the playlist that was over 30 minutes long – when was she going to be able to watch that entire video? My suggestion regarding the playlist is to have it on as background music (classical music is great to listen to when you are doing homework!), or during meals or while you are working on your lap book. Unless I specifically mention to you during lessons that watching the video is recommended, it is alright to just listen to the music.

Romantic Era YouTube Playlist

Romantic Era YouTube Playlist

Enjoy the Romantic selections this month, and remember – Recital time is coming so keep up the great practice times you have been logging so far this trimester! 🙂

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