Ode to Joy!

Earlier this week, the Studio had the opportunity to attend a local performance of the Finale to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, probably better known to most people as “the Ode to Joy part.” Several students and their families joined me for this wonderful performance featuring local high school orchestra, band, and choir honors students as well as professional singers. It was such a treat! We took a group photo at the conclusion of the performance.

Post concert!

Joyful faces post-concert!

Hungry? Have a slice of… Practice Pizza!

At the beginning of this Trimester, I challenged the students to collectively practice enough hours to earn a pizza and ice cream party at the end of the Trimester. Since then, I have been tracking practice time that has been properly recorded on the practice calendar and has the required parent sign-off. I have a picture of a pizza posted on the Studio wall. Each slice of the pizza represents a fraction of the total number of practice hours needed to earn the party. The slices that are colored represent practice hours the Studio has logged so far – over 200 hours!

We are a little over half-way through the Trimester, and take a look at our Practice Pizza! I am impressed by the practice times this Trimester. Keep up the great work!

We're nearly there!

We’re nearly there!

Studio Recital Date Set!

Save the date! The Studio recital will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2015. It was difficult to schedule a day when everyone could make it and the recital hall was available. Hopefully most families can make this date. I’m looking forward to sharing with families how much the students have progressed since last spring! I love seeing the group photos change from year to year. 🙂