Eras of Music Lap Book

It was so wonderful to see the Bach lap books that the students worked on this past week! There’s a lot of creativity in this Studio! 🙂  I also heard that students were listening to the YouTube playlist selections – great job!

I’ve had some questions about the construction of the Eras of Music lap book, so here are pictures of the finished product. Keep in mind that the entire lap book will not be completed until May, so for February you will have only the Baroque Era pocket mounted into the inside of your lap book (and not all four Eras). We will study the Eras as follows:

  • February: Baroque Era
  • March: Classical Era
  • April: Romantic Era
  • May: Modern Era

You also received a Baroque Era brochure and a couple of worksheets. You will receive a brochure and worksheet for each Era that we study. These materials will not fit into the small pocket that you will glue into your lap book for each Era, so if you’d like to keep them just loose in the folder for the duration of the trimester, that would be fine. If you have a more creative method of keeping these materials organized, please show me!

Cover of Eras lap book

Cover of Eras lap book (your Eras lap book is a yellow folder, not manila like mine)

Inside of Eras lap book

Inside of Eras lap book!

I hope this helps!

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