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"Fun" Jobs Deck :)

“Fun” Jobs Deck 🙂

Has your student asked you to help with a “job” yet this term? If so, fantastic! You probably helped complete a Wild, Wild West incentive job for the week! Successful performance of this job enabled your student to take one more step towards the completion of this term’s incentive game.

This assigned job also served a greater purpose in overall musical development – it allowed your student to focus on an important task or skill that we covered during lessons that week, or that your student has been working to improve over time.

  • Struggling with specific measures in a song? Teach them to someone else!
  • Finding rhythm challenging? Make up a rhythm game to play with me next week!
  • Practice technique a little spotty? Use your Practice Abacus this week!

Sometimes it’s difficult to cover everything I want in the detail that I want during a 30 minute lesson. (Wait – who am I kidding?? That’s like every week and every lesson!!) The weekly jobs really go a long way towards reinforcing concepts covered only briefly during lessons, and allow the student to discover how to apply these concepts on his/her own. This kind of experiential, real-time learning is essential for building long-term memory storage and recall of what we are learning in piano lessons. And isn’t this what we all want? Yippee!!

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