Exciting Road Trip!


William, Mom, and Weston

OK, so I just HAD to share this story as a blog post. One of my student families made a very exciting road trip last weekend to Cleveland. What’s so exciting in Cleveland, you ask? See, there’s these two middle-aged men, one of them kinda-sorta plays some piano, the other one kinda-sorta plays some cello, and they’re actually kinda-sorta good at what they do, and maybe you’ve heard of them but they call themselves THE PIANO GUYS…?

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys!

Yes, that’s right – William and Weston R, along with their parents, got to see The Piano Guys in concert last weekend! When tickets for this show became available last year, I had actually considered suggesting a Studio caravan experience up to Cleveland. Eventually (and perhaps in a rare moment of head-over-heart wisdom) I decided that this was one of those ideas that sounded good only in theory, and so it never got any further than just being a tiny little thought in my head. Needless to say, I was super excited when I heard that the R family had gotten tickets to the performance, and I couldn’t wait to hear all about it when they came to lessons.

Here is Will’s and Wes’ experience in pictures and in their own words (they were clearly very excited about the show – it was difficult for me to capture even the responses that I did, because both boys were talking non-stop at the same time – “guess what? guess what? guess what?”):

Me: So, you guys went somewhere really special last weekend, didn’t you? [Silence.] You drove up to Cleveland, right? (Right?? Did I get the wrong weekend???)

R Kids: The Piano Guys!!! (Whew.)

Me: So, what did you think about The Piano Guys? Were you impressed? Were they funny?

R Kids: It was really good! Yes, we were impressed. Yes, they were very funny! The cello player said he was working on playing his cello upside down (like John can play the piano laying upside down on the bench), but it didn’t look good because he punctured his neck (from resting the cello stand, which is a long metal rod coming out of the bottom of the cello, on his neck, I presume…). For the Charlie Brown song, they had Grandmas and Grandpas doing the conga line. And guess what? One of the Grandpas came down with only a shirt and his underwear!

Me: What was your favorite part of the performance?

Wes: The part where he (the cello guy) had to play the same notes over and over (Pachelbel’s Canon in D). He fell asleep and then they woke him up.

Will: The fast version of the song where he had all the same notes (Pachelbel’s Canon in D again, or the “Rockelbel’s Canon” version). The guy playing the piano jumped up and did a bunch of dance moves. Then he said, “Everyone’s gotta bust out a few dance moves sometime…”

(Note: you can actually watch the very funny “Rockelbel’s Canon” skit on YouTube here. The running around John did as part of that skit? I am so lucky – I got to see it live courtesy of Weston.)

Me: So, which one of you two drove home after the show, since I’m sure Mom and Dad were really tired after driving to the concert and keeping your bouncy selves under control during the show?

R Kids: We didn’t drive anywhere! Mom drove there and Dad drove back. We got back at 4 AM. (Thanks to the time change that night, and Mom told me William also had a Cincinnati Boys Choir performance the very next day at noon – wow, big weekend!).

The boys also told me a little bit about how The Piano Guys got started, demonstrated how John can play the piano laying upside-down on the piano bench AND with his hands crossed, and recounted how a certain large soft pretzel snack was divided (perhaps a little unevenly) between Mom, Dad, Will, and Wes.


The wonder!

William and Weston, thank you so much for sharing your experience watching The Piano Guys! I’m told everyone had a great time! (Even Dad, who wasn’t really sure this was going to be his most favorite activity but ended up liking it a lot. Hey – The Piano Guys have a new fan!) I’m hoping that The Piano Guys’ next tour will come a little closer to where we are, and then I can get that Studio caravan organized…

State Theatre Cleveland

State Theatre, Cleveland

Stage View

The stage is set!


Will and Wes at Intermission


Amazing cool stuff!

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