Group Lessons – Effective Practice Technique

I’m so excited about our Group Lessons next week! When we get together, we will talk about the difference between “playing through” your assignments and actually PRACTICING your assignments. We will also talk about effective Practice Techniques that you can use at home. And finally, we will be making a snazzy project for you to take home – a Practice Abacus!

Before calculators and smart phones, ancient people used an abacus to help them with counting and math. In fact, I’ll bet in some parts of the world, there are still people that prefer to use an abacus! Here’s a picture of an abacus so you can see what it looks like:


Chinese abacus

Chinese abacus…


The beads of the abacus slide up and down to count things and to perform calculations like addition and subtraction. The abacus could also be turned sideways if you prefer to move the beads from side to side.

The Practice Abacus you will make during group lessons is based on the same idea of sliding beads from one place to another to help us count things. Here is the Practice Abacus that I made to help with piano practice:

Piano Practice Abacus!

…Piano Practice Abacus!

These beads slide side to side. Sliding the beads from one side to another will help us count the number of times that we have practiced a song or part of a song that we need to work on a little more. During our group lessons, I will explain how to use each of the rows of beads on the Practice Abacus.

By the way, boys – don’t worry. You won’t have to make a pink Practice Abacus. I’ll have several background patterns for you to choose from.  🙂

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