March: Classical Era of Music

So what did everyone think of the Baroque Era music we listened to in February? Did you like it, or it wasn’t really your favorite? I think the counterpoint is quite interesting to listen to.

We now move to the Classical Era (1770 – 1820). This Era produced something that is very important to us as students of the piano. The piano was invented during this time! ­čÖé

This Era also produced some of my most favorite works of music. It was so hard to choose which pieces to share with you on my YouTube playlist – there are just so many good ones! Click┬áhere┬áto visit my Classical Era Playlist on YouTube. As you listen to these selections, think about how they are the same or different from the Baroque Era selections. Also think about what you might like or dislike about the Classical style.

Classical Era YouTube Playlist - so many great selections!!

Classical Era YouTube Playlist – so many great selections!!

The┬áMarch Classical Era Overview┬ádocument gives you an idea of the topics that we will cover this month during our Classical Era studies. This document also details a suggested weekly progression for completing this month’s lap books.

There are so many great composers from this period of music – too many to study in one month! We will focus on two of the better-known composers: Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Most people are familiar with at least one or two melodies from these composers.

And don’t forget to add your Classical Era┬ápocket into your Eras of Music folder (yellow folder). The Classical Era pocket should be glued in below the Baroque Era pocket (see my post on “Eras of Music Lap Book” to review what that should look like).



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