New Studio Message Board!

Some of you may have noticed something new in the Studio. Yes! It is a message board, and it is hanging near the entrance to the Studio. Have you seen it yet? If not, be sure to look for it the next time you come over for lessons.

Message center!

Studio message board!

The message board will have upcoming Studio events posted on it, as well as… a list of things you can do to keep busy while you are waiting for your lesson to begin! This list will change from time to time, but there should always be a few ideas on there that you can try. (Notice that things like talking, running around, distracting your sibling, etc. are NOT on this list… haha.)

So the next time you’re bored while you’re waiting for your lesson to begin, check this list and see if there’s anything you can be doing while you wait. And you never know – you might get another Composer Bust Raffle Ticket if you’re caught doing something good!  🙂

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