Welcome to the Wild, Wild, West

Howdy, folks! I’m so excited to get our Fall 2015 practice incentive rolling. First, a thank you to www.teachpianotoday.com for the fabulous thought starter for this term’s Wild, Wild West practice incentive. I’ve had so much fun adapting their materials to meet the Studio’s needs.

Parents: if you don’t usually stop into the studio when your student has lessons, you’ll definitely want to take a look this term. There’s a bunch of really suspicious-looking outlaws who are “WANTED” this term for various reasons. Here are some examples of the most frightening offenders:

Weston the Forte Fighter

Wild Will Treble Clef

Under-A-Rest Lizzy Lou

(Actually, this third Outlaw doesn’t actually look all that threatening, does she? I kind of want to adopt this one.) ☺️

Our objective this term is for these escaping Outlaws to work to clear their names with the Sheriff (that’s me). The chase will lead us through four areas of the Wild West of Practicing: Repetition Ranch, Creative Canyon, Inspiration Inn, and The Practice Cactus. On the path to redemption, each outlaw will have the opportunity to complete jobs for the Sheriff to ensure that they will no longer be considered outlaws by the end of this journey.

Be sure to check in with your student and ask him/her what the Job is this week. Yippee-ki-yi-ay!

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